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If you are an Entrepreneur, then you need to learn how to price your products and services.  Most Entrepreneurs fail, because they don't understand the basic rules of cost estimating.  In this day and age, can you afford to screw this up?  How much money are you willing to lose before you figure it out without help.  

Cost Estimating for Small Businesses was written for you, the Entrepreneur.  It is the textbook you need to learn how to price your products and services.  It will give you the knowledge you need to create a cost estimating system to accurately price all of your products and services.  It will give your business a much higher chance for success; when you know exactly how costs affect your prices, you will have the power to make wiser decisions.  It was written with easy to understand text, it's not full of industry jargon 
  •  Understanding: You need to know if you are profitable!
  • Power: to make good decisions based on facts!
  •  Accuracy: without it, your business will fail!
Cost Estimating for Small Businesses will teach you how the following are included in cost estimating systems: overhead, indirect versus direct costs, wages, fringe benefits, hourly rates, machine rates, packaging, transportation, volume discounts, the roll accounting plays in pricing products, and more!   
Integrate pricing into your business plan!
No business plan is complete without a thorough description of your cost estimating system.  If you haven't created a cost estimating system, how will you know: 
- How to price your products and services?
- How much profit you will make at any level of sales?
- Where your breakeven point is?
- How much capital you can afford and be competitive?
- What your hourly rates are for labor and equipment?
- If you can earn the profit levels you want or expect?
If you want your business to succeed, you must be able to answer these questions.  Don't waste money and time! Cost Estimating for Small Businesses will help you answer these questions in your business plan.  If you plan on borrowing money for your business, many financial institutions will not lend money without a thorough business plan.  
Learn The Tools  
Using Spreadsheets for Cost Estimating 
A complimentary booklet to Cost Estimating for Small Businesses was written to help you learn how to use spreadsheets for pricing your products.  Spreadsheets are the most powerful tools for Entrepreneurs; they allow you to change your estimating system as quickly as the market and the environment changes.  But if your spreadsheet skills are not as proficient as you would like, don't worry, we have a video to teach you the basic skills you will need to know.  You will learn how to create a flexible estimating system that can be used for any company that provides services and/or manufactures products.  This booklet was written to be easy to understand, and with the Entrepreneur in mind.
Spreadsheet Templates 
Fully Customizable Spreadsheet Templates 
We've created a series of about 25 spreadsheet templates to give you a head start on the implementation of your plans.  These spreadsheets are customizable with just a few clicks, and can be modified to fit your business model.  These spreadsheets were designed to work with the book Cost Estimating for Small Businesses and the booklet Using Spreadsheets for Cost Estimating.  These spreadsheets will help you put the knowledge you've gained from both books into practical use about pricing and cost estimating.  The example shown is an actual template that is part of this package.  As you can see, it has color coding, is easy to read, and detailed enough for accuracy.  This is only one of the many templates that were designed to help you, the serious Entrepreneur who is looking for every advantage to turn your dreams into reality!
Instructional Videos
Recorded Live Discussion of a Full Estimating System 
We created a full series of videos to walk you through the creation of an estimating system, from the beginning steps through the final pricing.  This series of videos feature screen captures of almost all of our spreadsheet templates with voice over narration, so you can see the numbers changing, and hear explanations why.  They also describe the basic formulas that are used.  By the end of this video series, you will have read, watched, and heard how to create a flexible, estimating system for pricing your products and services.  It will teach you how to make pricing changes on the fly, as the environment and situation changes.  It will pull all of the amazing resources offered on this webpage into an integrated system of learning.  
Learn From The Best, and You Will Achieve the Best!
All four of the components that make up this educational system were created by Dr. Timothy Bednard, who has over 20 years of work experience pricing products and services as a Cost Estimator.  He has been working with and improving on this system for over 10 years.  Let him help you shorten the learning curve faster, and greatly increase the chance of your entrepreneurial dream coming true.  He built this system with you, the Entrepreneur, in mind.  This package includes the lessons learned from several industries, so you won't have to go through it by yourself.  When you are done with this package, you will have the knowledge to build your own custom pricing (cost estimating) system.  Or you can just use our templates as the building blocks for your own system.
 Run up the Learning Curve - Don't Walk!
 Amazing Insight that YOU can Learn from.
 No Need for a Degree in Economics or Finance.
Is your business important enough to invest in?

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P.S. : I created this package for you, the Entrepreneur.  Because of this, I want your feedback on your purchase.  About a month after your purchase, you will receive an email asking for feedback.  I want to know what you think of this package, and I want suggestions on how I can make it better for you.  This is already one of the world's best educational tools for pricing and cost estimating, but I want to keep making it better with your help.
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